This is the Blog Site of www.shitokai-malaysia.com which is owned by Traditional Shitokai Karate-Do Malaysia, headquarted here in Taman Melawati in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Our aim is to preserve and promote the Budo spirit of Karate of the Shitoryu school of Karate as taught by our founder, Kenwa Mabuni.

Budo spirit is the spirit of Karate that is meant for understanding and development of the mind for karateka apart from merely the physical aspect of this art.

Thus this blogsite is for sharing of our knowledge, tips and philopshy of Shito Ryu Karate. This is also a perfect place for sharing updates from our Asia Pacific region (APSKF) with our members, students & fans.

We welcome people from any ages who shares the same interest to join us. More information can be obtained from our website http://shitokai-malaysia.com