Is Age A Limit To Training Karate?

This is a common question that I get from people. Some parents are enrolling their kids and are worried if they are too young. We get request from parents with kids as young as 6 years old.

Then there are the folks from the senior category who are above 50’s to 60’s who are worry that they are the “odd” category or that they are not able to cope with the rigorous training.

I try to give my insights as a Karateka for 21 years and still going….

The general guideline for young kids is the age of 8. Why 8? from experience at this age, they are more “mature” and are more able to understand and comprehend the instructors. Thus in this way they benefit more as they progress.

This is also the age when they physique is much stronger and is in the growing stage. Thus it is a good timing. Younger ages tend to be weaker and are not able to follow the classes. Thus they may loose interest pretty soon.

However, then it all depends on the individual kid. 8 is just a guide. Get them to the kids class as the syllabus and training is catered for them. Don’t just join any class as training for different age groups are different due to their different physique and mental abilities. My advice is that they can join a few sessions of the class and let the instructor gauge them.

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